Off Campus

by D.K. Smith

The Cast!

Name: Daniele, otherwise known as Dani
Major: Biological sciences
Minor: n/a
Age: 17
Comic description: Sweet, innocent, and hyper. She's majoring in biology with an emphasis on pre-medicine, but very quickly-as is her nature-she got in good with the professors that help out with forensic pathology. She studies forensics in her free time, and looks in on more than one local case from time to time. She's very much a dork, yes yes. She rooms with Sheli.
Real-life person: The creator of Off Campus. (See profile.)

Name: Sheli
Major: nobody knows.
Minor: see above.
Age: 18
Comic description: The local slut. However, she manages to get boys to sleep with her, yet still completely respect her as a person. It's sort of like her superpower. She has yet to keep a real boyfriend for more than 5 days… until… (dun dun dun!) Everything about her is a mystery-her major, her past, and her real name. Most of that is just to frustrate the reader.
Real-life person: She is NOT a slut, although when I told her she would be the slut for the comic she was all “heeeeeeeeeeYES!” because being a slut is fun! She's going to be a elementary school teacher/actor/massage therapist. Her hair is currently brown, her natural color, but being a purple-head is too much fun, so I kept drawing it that way. If you're reading this to discover her real name, we're still frustrating you!

Name: Jenna
Major: English
Minor: all over the place
Age: 18
Comic description: She's super-happy at all times and very dramatic. (She's super-happy at all times because in real life, when she smiles, her eyes practically close-this makes it a lot easier to draw her.) Her major is in English, but her minor is constantly changing. However, she knows what she wants to do when she grows up-be a screenwriter for a hugely successful TV show. Her roommate is a mystery.
Real-life person: Her eyes close when she smiles! She still wants to be a screenwriter, but her minor (if she has one) will be monotonous (most likely). She is very happy (randomly), but not so dramatic (although we only exaggerate a little). Her best friend is Katie. Jenna has more inside jokes than she knows what to do with.

Name: Sophie
Major: Computer science
Minor: n/a
Age: 17
Comic description: Her major is in computer science, and she's a super l337 girl. She's almost the normal one in the comic. She's going to get a kitty. Her roomy is an absolute mystery-just some girl named 'Sara'...
Real-life person: Our super cute kitty girl-'our' meaning 'mine.' She's anti-cooties, and is somewhat what the comic Dani is based off of. Her major will not be in computer science. In truth, she doesn't have any idea what LAN is (Local Area Network? Or Languid Arsenic Noodles. Whatever.) She has a great sense of humor and is an artist that, along with Dani, creates Ready, Set-Retreat!. Oh, and she looks good in everything she wears.

Name: Julia
Major: Political Science
Minor: n/a
Age: 18
Comic description: "You have kind eyes. The kind I'd like to poke out." Our widdle 'Jewish' militant feminist, she hates men of any... gender? She doesn't really have too much of a deeper reason. She shares a dorm with Katie; the connection between the two girls has yet to be made clear.
Real-life person: Not quite as militant feminist or punkish. And she doesn't try to kill men, especially Dustin, on a regular basis. Other than those minor details, the comic Julia practically IS Julia. (Oh, and real-life Julia doesn't hate kids so much.)

Name: Dustin
Major: theatre
Minor: agriculture
Age: 18
Comic description: The gay man! And one of the only guys. So yes, this is mostly a girl-dominated comic. He's going to be an actor when he graduates. He follows Julia around like it's the best hobby in the world, despite her numerous attempts on his life.
Real-life person: Still our gay guy. Also, still going to be an actor, although he spends suspicious amounts of time at the aggie farm. Has piercings and a secret love life we'd rather stay secret.

Name: Katie
Major: an art major (animation/illustration)
Minor: n/a
Age: 18
Comic description: Ze hippy artiste! She's Julia's roomy. The most artistic of the group, she's constantly drawing and painting-usually using things as mediums that she isn't supposed to. She wished to be in animation when she grows up. She may act happy-go-lucky, but hiding beneath that liberal exterior lies the interior of... something different?
Real-life person: Still an artist, although not quite so hippy. This does not deter people from thinking she is... What with her long, leather jacket and all. Her best friend is Jenna.

Name: Tad
Major: ?
Minor: ?
Age: ?
Comic description: He's a vampire, and has been for a good 50 years. His past is pretty much a mystery at this point, and his presence is also something of an enigma. Why would he be at a college? Why is he taking on all the new vampires? He's rooming at Dani and Sheli's dorm room for reasons unknown to them.
Real-life person: Tad is not a real-life person. He's not even based off of anybody. I know no vampires, because in real life, vampires do not exist. Stop asking me!
Other Cast Members

Name: Ryan
Major: ?
Minor: ?
Age: 18
Comic description: Ryan is Sheli's first consistant boyfriend since either Sheli or Dani can remember. He's nice to pretty much everyone except for Tad... who he wants to kill. Everyone's hypothesized that it's just because Tad lives with Sheli and is a hot vampire who could hypnotize her and steal her soul. Everybody is probably right.
Real-life person: Another one not based on real life, or inspired by any specific person. However, I would like to note that it was pointed out to me by Sheli that she had vowed to never date a Ryan.

Name: D. K. Smith
Major: biological sciences
Minor: n/a
Age: 18
Comic description: See profile for Dani.
Real-life person: The author of a random webcomic, Off Campus, and aspiring forensic pathologist, D. K. Smith (otherwise known as Dani) enjoys drawing and writing and other artistic stuff. She's definitely not as happy and innocent (or as studious) as her comic version, although at times she comes close to being as random. She's the author of Off Campus and Ready, Set-Retreat!, two of her online webcomics. She's also aspiring to draw Princess Pea, Alpha Beta Soup, Ghost for Hire, and many more comic ideas that she's sitting on and planning. Alpha Beta Soup is a comic featured in CSU Chico's newspaper, the Orion.

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